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Pytech Resources specializes in Python and Django training offering both public courses and corporate on-site courses. Classes are conducted by its founder, Boey Pak Cheong; public classes are deliberately limited to 8 persons for the most effective learning process. Held at a convenient location in Kuala Lumpur (next to Sentral), it’s a great opportunity to learn from someone with an in-depth knowledge of Python and to interact with other enthusiatic Python programmers in an enjoyable and rich learning environment. Also you will not be disappointed with the many amenities nearby such as restaurants and cafes.

Upcoming Event

Talk on Introduction to Python for Scientists and Engineers

Date : 4th June 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm (Refreshments will be served at 5.00pm)
Venue : TUS and C&S Lecture Room, 2nd Floor, Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya
Speaker : Mr. Boey Pak Cheong

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Current Course Schedule

Practical Python for Programmers

[4 days] This course is designed for professional programmers, scientists and engineers, wishing to acquire new Python skills or to take their existing skills to a whole new level. It is a comprehensive course covering all the essential elements of the language, programming techniques and standard library as well as third-party ones such as BeautifulSoup. Major topics include the Python core data types (lists, tuples, dictionaries, etc), functions and functional programming, and others.

Course Schedule for 2015
March 16-19 | May 11-14 | Aug 3-6 | Oct 5-8 | Dec 7-10
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Advanced Python Programming

[4 days] If you already know how to write simple Python programs and understand key features such as functions, modules, classes, I/O and wish to take your knowledge to higher levels, this course is for you. It is also highly suitable for programmers who are working on frameworks, larger applications or libraries. The course will cover essential Python idioms and techniques. Advanced topics include descriptors and decorators, context managers, generators and coroutines, metaclasses, closures, packages, multiprocessing and more. You will learn how to apply these features a wide range of programming problems.

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About The Trainer

Classes are conducted by Boey Pak Cheong who pioneered the usage of Python in Malaysia since 1995. Boey qualified as a Chemical Engineer from Universiti Malaya but became keenly interested and actively involved in computer programming from the late 1980s onwards. He has more than 20 years experience in software development using various programming languages but has primarily been using Python for 17 years now. Boey has taught Python and Django at Intel, F-Secure, SMART Modular Technologies, APIIT and many others since 2006.

Currently he operates Pytech Resources which specializes in Python and Django training and software development. He has previously worked in technical and management positions with British Petroleum, ITT and Alcatel and also attended a senior management training program at the London Business School, UK.

He created the software for a leading e-commerce website using Python that dynamically generates comprehensive pdf reports either in English or Chinese and continues active development of new products for this website. But today Boey is primarily focussed on teaching Python and Django.

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